Common Areas

You find common areas on the ground floor and in the basement for use by the hostel’s guests. In both common area, there is a flat screen TV and in the downstairs one you find different board games. Here you can relax in soft chairs and spend some time together. In the basement, you can also play a round of pool on the pool table in the next room.


The guest kitchen is found in the basement. There is a shared refrigerator and space for preparing your food. There is a stove and a microwave. In the basement, you also find a dining area and a common room.
The refrigerators are emptied on different days. See which day on the refridgerator.


You can buy many different things in the kiosk. For example toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant etc. Beer, soft drinks, chips and candy can be bought from the vending machine beside the kiosk.
The kiosk does not have specific opening hours, but will be opened as needed.

Outdoor Areas

Outside you find a lovely green area. Here you can choose to use the grill, the campfire site, the petanque pitch or use the free space to play various games. You can also simply enjoy the nature around Aarhus Hostel. There are also a number of patios where you can relax.