Meals for Events

Buffet 1

(min. 10 people)

Steamed flounder with dill cream and toasted cod roe.

Fried cockerel with sundried tomato and berries glace.

Grilled fillet of beef with scalloped potatoes.

7 salad dishes with garlic dressing.

Leek pie.

3 kinds of cheese and fruit.

 Bread and butter.

DKK 175,- per person

Buffet 2

(min. 10 people)

Smoked fillet with raspberry glace and quail eggs.

Smoked salmon with honey and almonds on salad and lime dressing.

BBQ marinated spareribs.

Hot wings.

Roasted beef tenderloin.

Small potatoes with sesame.

Italiensk inspired salad with olive, feta, grilled artichokes and sundried tomato.

Citrus marinated coleslaw.


Italian white chocolate cake.

Rhubarb tart with vanilla cream.

Bread and butter.

DKK 295,- per person

Buffet 3

(min. 10 people)

Prawns marinated in sweet chili sauce on salad.

Homemade pancake with tuna mousse on salad and lime dressing.

BBQ marinated chickenbreast roasted with potatoes and green beans.

Braised veal with pommes dusses (mashed potatoes) and port wine sauce.

Leek mousse.

Baked root vegetables.

Chocolate bar (with vanilla liqueur and light airy chocolate custard between cocoa sponge cake and thick chocolate icing.)

Apple pie with vanilla cream.

Bread and butter.

DKK 199,- per person

Roast Buffet

(min. 10 people)

300 grams of meat:

Roast of ham fried with honey and rosemary.

Grilled fillet of beef.

Hot wings.

Choose a potato (250 g):

Scalloped potatoes.

Bacon potatoes.

Garlic potatoes.

Small potatoes with spices.


Greek salad with dressing.

Tzatziki (100g).

Pasta salad (100g).

Bread and butter.

DKK 135,- per person

Á la carte


1. Homemade pancake with tuna mousse on green salad with trout roe and lemon dressing.

DKK 45,- per person

2. Smoked fillet with raspberry glace and quail eggs and meloncollis flavored with vanilla.

DKK 59,- per person

3. Smoked salmon with honey and almonds on salad and lime dressing honey/lime dressing.

DKK 69,- per person

*All starters come with bread.

Main Courses:

Roast of ham fried with rosemary, thyme and honey.

Barbeque sauce and boat potatoes and saute of squash, corn and bell peppers, leek and grilled tomato with oregano.

DKK 99,- per person

2. Grilled fillet of beef with redwine sauce, small potatoes with spices. Celery-pommes frites with pesto, carrots with pine nuts, saute of green beans, bacon, red onions and roasted mushrooms.

DKK 139,- per person

3. Roasted beef tenderloin with sauce and leek potato. Also steamed onions, carrots with ajvar, broccoli timbale and roasted root vegetables with spices.

DKK 189,- per person


1. Homemade ice cream cake in 3 layers, sprayed with vanilla ice and decorated with fruits and nuts.

DKK 39,- per person

2. Mango-passion fruit cake with homemade liquorice ice and fruit.

DKK 59,- per person

3. Homemade Gateau marcel (frozen chocolate cake with cream) and vanilla ice cream, blackberry-collis and fresh fruit.

DKK 69,- per person

Late Night Meals:

1. Asparagus soup with meatballs and homemade flutes.

DKK 39,- per person

2. Stew with beetroot and bearnaise sauce.

DKK 45,- per person

3. Liver pâté with mushrooms, bacon and beetroot.

Cumberland sausage with red cabbage and bread.

DKK 55,- per person

4. Sausage Table with 4 kinds of salt bread and butter.

DKK 65,- per person