About Aarhus Hostel

The Story of Aarhus Hostel

Over the last 134 years, Aarhus Hostel has been filled with life and here we will recreate the story about Aarhus Hostel’s transformation.

Kolt Continuation School

In 1879, the first edition of Kolt Continuation School, later known as Aarhus Hostel, was built by George Teilmann. In the first 90 years of the school's life, there were only three different principal couples; Julie & Kristian Højmark (1879-1924), Margaret & HP Bertelsen (1924-1946) and Kirsten & Wagner Jensen (1946-1971).

Already in 1890, a decision was made to build another school room, and a few rooms for the students were also built. Again in 1903, yet another school room was made and several student rooms were also added. Additionally, one of the former school rooms were made into an apartment with a room for the teacher. In 1919, another classroom was build.

In 1955, they made another expansion to the school, making it possible to welcome even more students for the continuation school.

Kolt Folk High School For the Elderly

Due to a decreased number of applicants for the continuation school, a choice was made to close the school permanently in 1967. However, the school for children continued, until they in 1971 made the decision to also close down this part of the school. In 1968, the doors opened up for Kolt Folk High School For the Elderly, and an attempt was made to host the first courses for retirees. Following the closure of the school for children, the entire school was now used as a school for elderly people. Kirsten and Wagner Jensen continued as principals for the first six years of the school's life. In 1977 the new principals, Bodil and Christen Christensen, were hired. Bodil died in 1983 and in 1986, Christen got married to Hilda, who helped managing the school until 1992.

In 1982, more construction work and several improvements were made. They built several rooms on the ground floor along with a lecture hall, a second dining room and living room.

In 1992, bathrooms with toilets and showers were added to most of the rooms, and many of the rooms were modernized by the new principal couple Hans and Lisbeth Hulgård. In 2010, Kolt Folk High School For the Elderly closed and stood empty for two years. On October 1st 2012, the school was purchased by Michael Skanderby and Ann-Mari Høøck, to be transformed into a hostel and a folk high school, part of which is for rental use. Already in December 2012, the place was opened again for the first time in two years.

Aarhus Hostel Opens Its Doors

In early 2013, a part of the old school was officially approved as hostel, and the new Aarhus Hostel was created. Now the buildings from the old school have yet again come to life with a warm and cozy atmosphere. At Aarhus Hostel, guests come from all over the country and abroad. People come to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and to quickly get to Aarhus city center to experience what Aarhus has to offer. Part of the hostel is used for rental purposes, so guests can have a party or business event in a nice, safe environment with the possibility of having overnight guests.