Private Events

Aarhus Hostel is a nice location for your party.

If you’re going to be hosting a confirmation, wedding, big birthday or another event, you can rent the space for it at Aarhus Hostel as well as rooms for your guests to stay at overnight.

We offer different sizes of event rooms as well as a hall with a high ceiling. That means we can accommodate you whether you’re having 10 or 80 guests and we will make sure to find the space best suited for your party or event.

At Aarhus Hostel you have a lot of choices and we do our best to organize everything according to your needs.

When renting rooms at Aarhus Hostel, the catering has to be ordered through us. However, it’s possible to bring your own beverages – without extra fee. Read our menu suggestions here.

When ordering catering, it does not include serving or arranging of food, clearing of tables etc.. You are responsible for having that done, unless you choose to have our staff do it for an extra fee.

However, booking of staff to handle the washing of dishes etc. is mandatory.
The price for this is DKK 250 per hour.
The number of staff depends on your event and will be agreed on beforehand.

You can also see pricing examples here


Our beautiful outdoors area is also a great place for both adults and children. It has space for playing with the kids, barbecuing, bonfires or just enjoying the sun on one of our patios.

If you wish more information, feel free to contact us by mail or phone.

See examples on pricing here.


Dining hall
The dining hall is approx. 74 m2. Big windows along the wall separates it from the hall and it’s placed directly across from our common area. The hall is typically used for the dinner at events.
It holds a total of 60 seated guests.
If standing, or not seated at tables, it holds approx. 75 people.

Common area
The common area is approx. 72 m2. Additionally, there’s a sun room measuring approx. 28 m2, with access to a lovely patio.
Like the dining hall, the common area is separated from the hall by windows.
This room is typically used for dancing or as a lounge.
There’s access to a music system.
Depending on its use, the room can hold 40 guests.
If standing or seated in rows, it holds approx. 60 guests.

Our hall went through an extensive renovation in 2015 and now stands as a big and bright room with high ceilings and an array of lights which allows for different colors.
There’s access to a big music system as well as festive lighting.
The hall is 93 m2 and can hold around 80 people, depending on the seating arrangements.
If standing or seated in rows, it can hold approx. 100 people.

Prices for Rent of Event Rooms

We’ll make sure that the agreed number of tables and chairs are available, but the one renting the space is responsible for setting everything up. VAT and final cleaning are included in the following prices.

Prices are for renting of event rooms between 11am and 9pm

Common area: DKK 1.500,00
Dining hall: DKK 1.500,00
Hall: DKK 2.500,00
Common area + dining hall: DKK 2.000,00

Extended Rent of Hall or Rooms

Rent of event rooms after 9pm is conditioned by renting at least 15 guest rooms. which will be chosen by Aarhus Hostel. This is to ensure the least amount of bother to our other guests.

Surcharge 9pm – 11am: DKK 4.000,00
Min. 15 rooms minimum price: DKK 7.500,00
Rent of all guest rooms: DKK 14.000,00

Extended Rent of Rooms or Hall the Day Before

It’s possible to rent event rooms or hall from 6pm the day before the event, so you can set up tables and chairs, make the tables etc.

We’ll make sure that the agreed number of tables and chairs are available, but the one renting the space is responsible for setting everything up.

Surcharge for access at 6pm the day before: DKK 1.000,00

Rent the Entire Hostel

Rent the entire hostel for your event.

1 day,  3pm – 11am: DKK 20.000,00
For example: Friday 3pm to Saturday  11am.

2 days, 3pm – 11am: DKK 30.000,00
For example: Friday 3pm to Sunday  11am.

Read more about renting the entire hostel.

Additional Services

At Aarhus Hostel you can rent tablecloths and napkins for the table arrangements.

Tablecloths can be ordered in different colors and in different sizes.

Size 140x140cm (white) DKK 25 a piece
Size 140x180cm (white or colored) DKK 50 a piece
Size 140x220cm (white or colored) DKK 50 a piece

Napkins can be ordered in different colors and costs DKK 6 a piece.

If you book rooms for an overnight stay, you can order following for your guests:

Extra rooms: Price depends on room type
Bedlinen: DKK 50 per person
Bedlinen with towels: DKK 60 per person
Simple breakfast the morning after: DKK 69 per person
Min. 10 people


  • Catering has to be ordered through Aarhus Hostel
  • Staff for washing up has be ordered through Aarhus Hostel
  • It’s the responsibility of the person who books the space to return it in its original conditions, including set-up of chairs and tables
  • Booking of facilities for use after 9pm will be subject to an extra fee, just as it requires booking of at least 15 hostel rooms chosen by Aarhus Hostel