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Double Bunk Room Aarhus Hostel

Aarhus Hostel has 36 rooms with different décor. Many of the rooms are single rooms with private toilet/bath and a good box-spring. Others are 2 persons rooms with double beds, 2 single beds or a bunk bed. Finally we also have a few 4 persons rooms with either 2 bunk beds or a bunk bed and a double bed. 
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Microsoft Aarhus Hostel

If you want to organize a course in a relaxed setting, Aarhus Hostel is the right place for it. We have the facilities for between 5 and 100 participants. It can be without interference from us, but our staff can also make sure you get a sandwich come lunchtime – or our kitchen can prepare a tasty buffet for you.
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ERFA Aarhus Hostel

If you want to organize a smaller conference in a more informal setting, we are also able to accommodate that. We have hosted conferences with simultaneous seminars in 5 different lecture rooms.
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Private Events

Bryllupsanretning Aarhus Hostel

Whether it is a confirmation, wedding, big birthday, christening or another kind of event, you can choose to rent facilities as well as lodging at Aarhus Hostel.
If you are aiming for a more relaxed and less formal event, we have the right setting for it.
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Rent the Entire Place

Aarhus Hostel indgang

Rent the entire hostel – 36 rooms, hall, dining hall, common room and lecture hall – and get it all to yourself. We offer you a great setting for an event where your guests get to eat, sleep and participate in celebrations, courses, workshops etc., all in one place.
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Morgenmad Aarhus Hostel

Aarhus Hostel can offer a simple breakfast served at set times.
If you are at least 10 people or you are organizing a course etc., we will arrange meals that fit your needs. In that case, our kitchen is happy to prepare brunch, lunch or dinner according to your wishes.
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Long-Term Rental

Musikarrangement Aarhus Hostel

If you are a student who has not found student housing yet or maybe someone who has been sent to Aarhus for work and therefore needs your “own” room in a limited amount of time, Aarhus Hostel can offer you one of our long-term rental rooms.

You will not have to pay deposit and there are no hidden fees. Included in the rent price are utilities, internet, TV and weekly cleaning of the common areas.
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SmukHostel 2015 Aarhus Hostel

Denmark’s cosiest hostel, Aarhus Hostel, welcomes Denmark’s most beautiful festival-goers with special offers that completes the festival experience for the guests at Smukfest.


Linned Aarhus Hostel

When you rent a room at Aarhus Hostel there will be duvets and pillows, but generally not bedlinen. Therefore you can choose to bring your own or rent a linen package from us. 
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Cykel Aarhus Hostel

If you bring your own bike you can take advantage of the great network of biking paths in Aarhus. If you do not have your own bike, you can rent one from us.
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Child bed

If you have a small child with you when you stay at Aarhus Hostel, you can book a child bed.

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Construction Worker Lodging

Stay at Aarhus Hostel and get all the advantages from great parking, easy access to the highway and the chance to prepare your own meals.
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