Our Rules

Be Considerate

Be considerate of the other guests.
From 11pm to 7am you are not allowed to be noisy on the hostel. Furthermore, make sure to keep the hostel kitchen clean and orderly, ie. wash up, put things away and wipe off tables and counters after you have used them.

Noisy behavior and visible intoxication

Noisy or inappropiate behavior as well as visible intoxication will not be tolerated and can cause immediate eviction.

Food and Drink in the Rooms

Do not bring food and drink into the rooms. Instead use our dining hall in the basement to consume your meals.
That is also the case with utensils belonging to the shared kitchen in the basement.

Bedsheets are Mandatory

Bedsheets are a requirement on Aarhus Hostel, but you can choose to bring your own or rent it by us.
You can rent sheets and towels on the website or in the office between 6pm and 8pm.
If bedsheets are not used, duvets, pillows etc. will have to be cleaned, paid by the guest. This costs DKK 1000,- per bed.


Guests are expected to clean up after themselves while staying at the hostel. Final cleaning of the room is included in the price when you stay at Aarhus Hostel.


It is NOT allowed to smoke at Aarhus Hostel. However, there are two outdoor areas where smokers can have their needs met without bothering the other guests. One area is by the front door while the other is sheltered outside the common room in the basement.

Smoking in the rooms will end with a 1000,- DKK extra fee, as the room will need extra cleaning. The same goes for smoking in the common areas where you will also have to pay the DKK 1000,- fee.


It is NOT allowed to bring pets at Aarhus Hostel, as we want to be considerate to those of our guests with allergies or phobias.
So be considerate to others and let the pets stay at home.