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Easy Booking

At Aarhus Hostel you can easily book online and pay your deposit with credit card. Afterwards you receive a confirmation with a door code, so you are able to arrive when you want.

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If you need to organize courses, conferences or meetings, Aarhus Hostel is a good choice for this. The flexible meeting rooms can hold from just a few to more than 100 people and they contain AV equipment and WIFI.

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Weddings and Parties

We provide the cosy setting for a wedding or a family event. Aarhus Hostel has plenty of space for every to enjoy themselves and have a good time.

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Long-Term Booking

If you are a student who has not found student housing yet or maybe someone who has been sent to Aarhus for work and therefore needs your “own” room in a limited amount of time, Aarhus Hostel can offer you one of our long-term rental rooms.

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Aarhus Hostel has special offers for those of you going to Smukfest.

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Book an overnight stay at Denmark’s cosiest hostel! We make sure you are able to sleep soundly.

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Aarhus Hostel

80 gæster til barnedåb i dag.. Der blev budt på smørrebrød. ... Vis mereVis mindre

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5 dage siden

Aarhus Hostel

Vi er SÅ meget mere end billig og god overnatning 😊

Igår havde vi fornøjelsen af ligge lokale til et netværksakademi med mere end 50 deltagere.
Optimisten Henrik Mathiasen holdte et super spændende, optimistisk og humoristisk foredrag og der blev netværket på kryds og tværs.

Vi ser med glæde frem til de næste måneders arrangementer i huset 👌
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