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At Aarhus Hostel you get an affordable cheap stay and free parking in great surroundings close to Aarhus.

Online booking

We have made it easy for you to book a stay with us. You pay online, and will be sent a door code by e-mail.


To ensure a good and cheap stay, Aarhus Hostel is a self-service hostel, where you will be sent a door code with your booking confirmation.

Free parking

Aarhus Hostel has free parking available,
right by the front door.

Easy booking

At Aarhus Hostel you can easily and quickly book your room and pay the deposit online. As we are a self-service hostel, check-in with us is flexible. You will be sent a door code with your booking confirmation, so you can arrive when it suits you.

Meetings and courses

Whether you have to organize courses, conferences, or a meeting, Aarhus Hostel is the right choice for these activities. Our flexible rooms means we have the perfect facilities, regardless of whether you need space for 8 or 100 people. All rooms are equipped with AV-equipment and wireless internet.

Private events

We have the facilities to cover the needs for all your big events. It could be the romantic wedding, the joyous birthday, the memorable confirmation, or maybe that your football team only lost with 2 goals? At Aarhus Hostel we contribute the pleasant atmosphere and the beautiful surroundings, so that your event turns out just the way you want it to.

Long-term rentals

If you are going to Aarhus for a longer period, in connection with work nearby, or if you are a student who has yet to find permanent housing, you have the opportunity to move into one of our long-term rental rooms. You will have your own room, as well as its connected kitchen and living room.


We welcome Denmark’s most beautiful festivalgoers with specialized offers that complete the festival experience for attendees at Smukfest.
Take your beautiful friend by the arm and enjoy our delicious breakfast and late night meal, satisfying beds, and shuttle busses directly to and from the festival site!


Virtual tour

Are you in doubt about how to get from the entrance of Aarhus Hostel to the common area, and further out to our charming sunroom with a view to lovely green surroundings? You can take a virtual tour and discover the many indoor facilities of Aarhus Hostel.


Book a stay at Denmark’s coziest, cheap hostel! We will make sure you can sleep safe and sound in a good environment.


Tag Jazz bussen til koncerterne hos Aarhus Hostel

Tag Jazz bussen til koncerterne hos Aarhus Hostel I samarbejde med PP Busser fragter Jazz bussen dig nem og gratis til og fra koncerterne hos Aarhus Hostel. Jazz bussen kører fra Musikhuset kl. 14 til hver eftermiddagskoncert på Aarhus Hostel. Undervejs samler bussen op flere steder i Kolt/Hasselager, hvorefter den kører direkte til Aarhus Hostel.

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Vielse i haven

18. Juni byder på vielse i haven Senere 2 x 50 års fødselsdag. Vi på Aarhus Hostel ønsker Louise & Brian lig tillykke med brylluppet og stort tillykke til Joan & Niels med de 100 år

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Under 3 uger til Aarhus Jazz Festival

Idag er der under 3 uger til Aarhus Jazz Festival løber af stablen! Derfor vil vi i den næste tid sætte lidt ekstra fokus på de koncerter, du kan opleve hos os til Aarhus Jazz festival. Lørdag den 9. juli kl. 15 spiller THE VOOO CA RAY. Med fælles kærlighed for New Orleans er der

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