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Yes, we have free parking infront of the entrance and at the back. 

Yes, at Aarhus Hostel there is wireless connection, which can be used freely by all guests that are staying here. The internet connection is available in alle the rooms and common areas throughout Aarhus Hostel. All acess points is wired directly to our 1000/1000 fibernet.

Yes, it is possible to buy groceries in Kolt. Theres is a Netto and a Superbrugsen, where it is possible to buy what you need to prepare your meals at Aarhus Hostel. The distance to Netto and Superbrugsen is 1,5 km. from Aarhus Hostel. At the card in the hall you can see the route between Aarhus Hostel and Superbrugen. Netto is next to Superbrugsen, when you are following the route from Aarhus hostel.

Yes, there is buses to Aarhus city center and to Skanderborg. You can read more about public transportasion to and from Aarhus hostel and find road maps at this page: https://aarhushostel.dk/en/transport/

A ticket to Aarhus or to Skanderborg from Aarhus Hostel is 30,- pr. person each way.

Did you forget something at Aarhus Hostel? If you have forgotten an item during your stay, please fill out the form here.

In the form, the forgotten item must be described as thoroughly as possible. We will contact you as soon as we find the item.

As a guest at Aarhus Hostel, it is NOT allowed to bring a pet. We are taking allergies and anxiety into consideration for our guests. Therefor, please pay attention to the other residence and let your pets stay at home.

 If there is a violation this rule, you will be charged a cleaning fee of 1000,-.

No, breakfast is not included in the price, but can be added during booking. 

Breakfast can be offered to groups of 10 people or more.

Contact us at: kontakt@aarhushostel.dk or tlf.: +45 69 14 67 77 to learn more.

Yes, we have a huge shared kitchen, which can be used freely by guests. You can find everything needed to prep your food. The kitchen cannot be used by groups of more than 10 people.

No, bed linen and towels is NOT included in the price. In the rooms we have linen package. These can be paid for in advance or at the end of the stay, if they have been used.

You are more then welcome to bring your own. There are duvets and pillows in the rooms.

Yes, it is accessible for wheelchair users, by a  ramp  leading up to our back door. This entrance is only the be used by wheelchair users. It is possible to park nearby the ramp. Our rooms is not furnished according to requirements. There is a disabled toilet and bath in the hallway, if needed. If you are a wheelchair user, please let us know in your reservation so that we can accomodate one of the rooms on the ground floor for you. Please note that the shared kitchen is located downstairs, which is only accessible by stairs.

Yes, at Aarhus Hostel you can book a weekend bed to your room, if you are bringing a child under 1 year. A weekend bed costs 100 ,- pr. stay.

You can read more abour longterm rental including conditions here: https://aarhushostel.dk/en/long-term-rental/

Aarhus Hostel is a self-serviced accommodation, which means it is not staffed around the clock. Therefore, we do not always have an opportunity to put a key in the hall for you after 12 PM, the same day you wish to arrive. Please note that a drop-in reservation is still subject to credit card validation. In addition, be attentive that the price of the room and the total amount will be higher upon payment on arrival.

 As long as you are living with us, you are welcome to have a population register address with us. However, we do charge a fee of 250,- for handeling inquiries and confirmations from Municipality of Aarhus.
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