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ARoS (10,7 km)

With its 20.700 m2 spread over 10 floors, ARoS is one of Nothern Europe’s largest art museums. Both art and architecture is international class and both offer experiences with high magnitude.

Above ARoS’ food hovers “Your rainbow Panorama”, the permanent work of art by Olafur Eliasson, a 150 m. long and 3 m. wide circular circle made of glass in all the colors of the rainbow. Here you can get an amaxing view of the surrounding town and bay through the colorful masterpiece.

ARoS Allé 2
8000 Aarhus C

2 mænd sidder ved en kaj

Den Gamle By (11,4 km)

The Old City, “Den Gamle By”, consists of more than 70 historic buildings from cities throughout Denmark. When you vist the Old City, you get the experience of stepping into a small danisk market town from previously centuries, filled with fine houses, homes, shops and workshops.

The Old City is a 3-star Mechelin attraction and is a world-class attraction. Head to the Old Town and meet the residents of the past, see their home and enjoy the scent of the old bakery. In the Old Town you can also be entertained with games from the olden days and go exploring in the museum’s fine exhibitions.

Viborgvej 2
8000 Aarhus C

skelet med tæppe

Moesgaard Museum (Momu) (12,4 km)

Moesgaard Museum offers a cultural-historical museum experience in a unique setting with archaeological and ethnographic exhibitions. A visit to the Moesgaard Museum gives you the opportunity to get close to the people behind the exhibited objects through scenographed and dramatized narratives. The permanent exhibitions at the museum provide new angles on the past and the people of the past, as well as anthropological views of the peoples of the world. In addition, the Moesgaard Museum offers changing special exhibitions that present the world’s most spectacular cultural heritage.

Moesgård Allé 15
8270 Højbjerg

gult murstenshus med træ

Naturhistorisk Museum (13,3 km)

Come to the Natural History Museum and meet a wealth of exciting animals. Experience huge mammoths, tigers and a large selection of cute animals that are seen in their natural surroundings. Biologists and nature guides at the Natural History Museum are always ready with exciting stories about animals and nature. You can also explore the museum and find answers to many exciting and interesting questions.

Wilhelm Meyers Allé 210
8000 Aarhus C

museums artikler

Steno Museet (12,9 km)

Take the family with you and explore the fascinating development of the natural sciences and medicine at the Steno Museum. In the museum’s planetarium you can see performances about galaxies, planets and other exciting celestial phenomena. In the fragrant, medicinal herb garden you can relax and have the opportunity to enjoy your packed lunches.

C. F. Møllers Allé 2
8000 Aarhus C

stort hvidt hus med stort tag

Marselisborg Slot (9,8 km)

The regent couple’s summer residence, Marselisborg Castle, is located in Aarhus near forest and beach. The castle is surrounded by an English-style park with small lakes, a rose garden and a number of works of art. The castle itself is not open to the public, but the castle park is open to the public when the royal family does not have a residence at the castle. When the Queen stays at the castle, there will be a change of guard with the Royal Life Guard at 12:00.

Kongevejen 100
8000 Aarhus

en hjort

Marselisborg Dyrehave (11,7 km)

In Marselisborg Deer Park you can experience fallow deer, deer, ducks and wild boar up close. It is allowed to feed the fallow deer and sika with apples and carrots. There is free access for the public during all daylight hours. But keep in mind that even though you can walk around between the animals, they are not pets, and in certain situations they can be dangerous. You will find the zoo south of Aarhus in Thors Skov, which is part of the large Marselisborg-Moesgaard forest complex.

Ørneredevej 6
8270 Højbjerg

væksthuset set inde fra

Væksthusene og Botanisk Have (11,8 km)

In the greenhouses in the heart of Aarhus, you can explore 4 different climate zones with beautiful flowers and impressive plants. The Botanical Garden is one of Aarhus’ largest and most visited parks.

The garden consists of expansive lawns with large, free-standing trees and small, intimate, green oases. A stream runs through the garden, forming three lakes and running further down through the Old Town and its canals.

Peter Holms Vej
8000 Aarhus C

gågade med mennesker

Latinerkvarteret (15,1 km)

The Latin Quarter is the oldest district in Aarhus. Some of the district’s houses date back to the 16th century. The narrow streets with topped cobblestones and beautiful houses offer very special picturesque experiences. In the Latin Quarter there is a perfect mix between the many specialty shops’ exciting offerings, the many artisans’ workshops and cafés and restaurants’ inviting menu.

Covering the following streets:
Mejlgade, Guldsmedgade, Badstuegade, Klostergade, Volden, Studsgade, Borggade, Rosensgade, Graven, Pustervig Torv og Kloster Torv
8000 Aarhus C


karuseller set fra luften

Tivoli Friheden (10 km)

Tivoli Friheden is Aarhus’ amusement park which is located within walking distance from the center in the beautiful Marselisborg Forest. There are ample experiences for both adults and children among the park’s 40 rides, stalls, games, playgrounds and eateries. During the season, Freedom offers concerts with major national and international musical artists for the recurring event Fed Friday. There is ample opportunity to buy food and drink in the park. It is also possible to bring packed lunches and food for grilling at the idyllic barbecue areas down to the park’s large lake.

Skovbrynet 5
8000 Århus C

golfbane med 2 spillere

Aarhus Aadal Golf Club (5,3 km)

If you want to spend your time at a unique golf course in the middle of a unique natural area with a view of Ådalen and into Aarhus itself, then Aarhus Aadal Golf Club may be just the thing for you. In addition to its 18-hole championship course and a challenging Pay & Play course, Aarhus Aadal Golf Club also offers e.g. a putting green, chipping and pitching greens as well as a covered driving range for use in all types of weather. There is therefore something for everyone regardless of level, so it’s just a matter of getting going.

Brydehøjvej 35
8462 Harlev

2 mænd ved en sø med hus i baggrund

Pinds Mølle Put & Take (4,4 km)

Put on an old sweater and go fishing at Pinds Mølle Put & Take. Pinds Mill is open for fishing around the clock all year round, so come and enjoy the beautiful nature and wildlife. There is plenty of opportunity to catch a fish, as they at Pinds Mølle put fish out in the lakes several times a day. So grab your fishing gear and take friends and family with you and enjoy a couple of wonderful hours at Pinds Mølle Put & Take.

Pindsmøllevej 35
8362 Hørning

gokart kører på bane

RaceHall (4,5 km)

At RaceHall you get speed and wildness in Europe’s largest indoor go-kart center. 

There is room for the whole family, as children up to 90 cm can get a ride in a twin map and children taller than 120 cm can ride in a go-kart with a maximum speed of 70 km / h. 

In RaceHall it is also possible to ski. You can try your hand at both skiing and snowboarding and there is room for both beginners and experienced. In RaceHall you will find a competent team of instructors who can help and guide you from start to finish.

Hasselager Centervej 30
8260 Viby J

oppustelig rustjebane (13,1 km) consists of 5,000 m2 with activities for both large and small. You can explore everything from a nice game of 18-hole golf over cool slot machines to a fun “dip” in the ball pool. In the playground you will find i.a. bouncy castles, obstacle course, slides, mega slide, large building blocks, mega climbing frame, and much much more. Take the food basket under your arm or buy your lunch in the cozy family café and enjoy a wonderful day at

Holmstrupgårdvej 18
8220 Brabrand

musikspil orkester

Musikhuset Aarhus 12,6 km)

With an area of ​​a total of approx. 35,000 m2, Musikhuset is one of the largest cultural houses in the Nordic region. The six halls and nine stages form the framework of approx. 1,500 events. You can experience everything from very small children’s theater performances over concerts with promising talents to international stars, musicals, comedy, dance, opera and symphony concerts. Have a formidable cultural experience when you go to the Musikhuset for one of the many performances.

Thomas Jensens Allé
8000 Aarhus C

Bowl’n’Fun (6,2 km)

Just 10 minutes ’drive from Aarhus Hostel is Bowl’n’Fun Aarhus. At Bowl’n’Fun, there is always the opportunity to have some fun hours with family or colleagues as you compete to knock down cones. In addition to the traditional game of bowling, Bowl’n’Fun also offers laser roofs, mini golf, go-karts and a playground for the youngest. In front of the center there are good parking options and the bus also goes right to the door, so invite your family, friends or colleagues to a few hours of entertainment in a cozy setting.


Rush (5,6 km)

Denmark’s funniest trampoline park for children, adults and childish souls, Rush Århus, is a few minutes’ drive from Aarhus Hostel, and here you and your family can burn off energy on trampolines in different sizes that cover both floors and walls. Rush Århus also offers team building and activities for companies that want to strengthen the community with a good game of bouncing chiefs ball or a dunk competition at the basketball hoop.

Golfskoven (6 km)

The world’s largest Adventure Golfskov is located 6 km from Aarhus Hostel. With 18 holes spread over more than 3500 m2, Golfskoven is a slaraffenland for forest trolls and ordinary people with a penchant for challenges and good laughs. Get decided once and for all who puts best and thus can stand at the top of the podium.

All courses in the Golf Forest have two levels of difficulty and therefore everyone can join regardless of level, so bring your family or your colleagues to the Golf Forest and show them who the best mini golfer is.

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