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Commute room

What is a Commute room?

As the name suggest, a commute room is for commuters. This means that this kind of rental is for you, that otherwise would commute to and from Aarhus every day. It could be for work, school or courses.

You can book a room further down below.

When you are booking to a commute room price, you will pay for all the days in the period that you booked for, but you can only use the room for 5 out of 7 seven days pr. week. Which 5 days during the week is up to you. To get this price you have to book a minimum of 30 days, but if needed you can book 45 days or more if you need too.

You will get your own room with bath and toilet – and access to the shared kitchen, living room etc.

We will clean your room once a week (departure day) and daily cleaning in the common areas.

Aarhus Hostel is located in Hasselager between Aarhus and Skanderborg close to E45.

Look at FAQ further down below.

An alternative to a commute room would be longtime rental.

To learn more:

The rooms can vary from week to week. Therefor it can be changed to bunkbeds or box beds with private bath.

No, you have to pack down your belongins in the box we have placed in the room or take it with you. The box will be placed in the room you get the following week.

There is duvet and pillows in the rooms. You can bring your own bed linen or rent it from Aarhus Hostel. A bed linen package with 2 towels costs 60 ,-

You will receive a code for the frontdoor when booking a room. There will be an envelope with your name in the hall, which contains the room key by arrival. By departure the room key must be delivered in the green mailbox outside the office.

Therefor arrival and departure is very flexible. You have to be aware that you can arrive between 14-15 PM on arrivalday and departures is at 10 AM.

The food you buy can be stored in one of the boxes in the shared kitchen with name and departure date on. Otherwise you can use the blue cabinets in the kitchen. Refrigerated goods have to be removed.

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