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Aarhus Hostel

Throughout 134 years, Aarhus Hostel have been filled with life and the story of the transformation will shortly be recreated.

Kolt Fri- og Efterskole

The building at Aarhus Hostel was first built in 1879 and was at that time used as Kolt Fri- og Efterskole, a kind of a boarding school. Jørgen Teilmann arranged to have the school built. Due to a decline in the number of students, the boarding school was closed permanently in 1967, but a children’s school remained in operation. 

Kolt Ældrehøjskole

In 1968 the school was opened up to the elderly and it became Kolt ældrehøjskole, an institution where the elderly came to stay to attend various educational courses. Once the children’s school closed in 1971, the entire
building was used for this purpose. In 2010, Kolt Ældrehøjskole closed and the school stood empty for two years.

Aarhus Hostel opens

Michael Skanderby and Ann-Mari Høøck purchased the old school on the 1st of October 2012, intending to develop it into a hostel, where various facilities could be offered commercially for a range of purposes. The school was approved by the authorities for use as a hostel in 2013 and that was how Aarhus Hostel came to life.
At Aarhus Hostel we have visitors from all over the world who come to enjoy the lovely surroundings, as well as the easy access to the city of Aarhus and all it has to offer.

The various facilities and rooms at Aarhus Hostel can be rented for parties or company events, providing a safe environment, where it is possible to have overnight guests. Throughout the year various activities are held at Aarhus Hostel, which you can be a part of. For example, in week 32 in August, Aarhus Hostel becomes SmukHostel, and has a special offer for those attending the Skanderborg Music Festival, opening its doors to Smukfest guests and we look forward to seeing you. See more at www.smukhostel.dk 

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